How to cancel your subscription plan on in 12 simple steps

Step 1. Go on and press the login button on the top right-hand corner.

Step 2. Once you press the login button, you will come to a link called, and then you will see a login screen.

Step 3. Enter in your login details. (If you have forgotten the password you can go on to reset password)

Step 4. Once logged in you will come to a screen like:

Please press the menu button on the left-hand side.

Step 5. Once you pressed on the menu. Please press “Subscribers Settings” like in the screenshot:

Step 6. Once you pressed the “Subscribers Settings” button. You will come to a screen option like:

Step 7. Please press the ‘subscriptions’ button:

Step 8. Once you’re on this option you will see something like:

Step 9. Please press the cancel button (this will also work if you’re on monthly subscription). This sample you see is just for a yearly account.
Step 10. When you have pressed the cancel button, you will see something like:

Step 11. Please enter the reason for cancellation.

Step 12. Press the ‘submit’ button and that you have successfully cancelled your membership 😊
If your still facing any troubles, please make sure to contact the webmaster @ or please go on