What will happen at a Seminar

Emahó’s teachings show it is possible to live in, to see through and to speak from the heart. His warm and beautiful teachings can take the form of lectures, one-to-one contacts, ceremonies, silence and prayer.

One day at a seminar is never the same as another whilst following a format, every day is always unpredictable, fresh and personal. The teaching usually starts or runs through a full seminar day with breaks. On a day when a ceremony may happen Emahó prefaces this event with a short teaching.

He will then after a short break prepare the mesa (altar) using sacraments which have come to him over the years. This section of the day will last for around an hour to an hour and a half.

Following this quiet period of preparation, the ceremony will then take place using two large candles placed on the mesa as a source of fire accompanied by loud drums. This section will last for an hour to an hour and a half depending on how many people may be present to receive the blessing.

Seminar in Europe are four days in duration and seminars in the USA are currently one day in duration. People are welcome to attend as many or as few as they wish.


1 Day Seminar:

The day will start with teachings by Emaho followed by a ceremony

2 Day Seminar:

Each day may be different – teachings with a ceremony or possibly both days will have a teaching a ceremony

4 Day Seminar

A four day seminar will have a combination of fire dances and teachings. 

What should I wear?

We ask that participants to bring clothes which are good for movement.

Upcoming Seminar


Basel Seminar (Fall) (Cancelled)


November 6

But as soon as you blame, you are trapped. As soon as you blame, you are blind. As soon as you blame, you carry more weight. All are innocent.

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Düsseldorf Seminar (Fall) (Cancelled)


November 13

Are your eyes kind to all? No matter how tough it gets, even so tough that you have never cried, the innocence is still in your bones. It still walks with you whether you like it or not. Put the diamonds back in your eyes No matter what has happened to your life.

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Glasgow Seminar (Fall) (Cancelled)


November 20

It is most important in your life is to get your wings back. When you understand the moon, you understand your mind. When you understand the sun, you understand your heart. When you understand your shadow, you understand your breath.

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Berlin Seminar (Fall) (Cancelled)


November 27

Your eyes are from the stars, Your bones are from the mountains, Your blood from the rivers And your skin is the land. All are rented.

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Freiburg Seminar (Fall) (Cancelled)


December 4

Know your mind and make friends with it. For you are not your mind. You are not your personality. You are the quiet, as it is as quiet in outer space. You are more the reflection of a moon than the light emanating from the moon itself. You were born a sunrise and you’ll always be a sunrise. Always.“

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Lyon Seminar (Fall) (Cancelled)

Espace 140

December 11

Watch the thoughts that curse and swear for they are not you. No matter how bad they are, don’t ignore them. Watch them carefully and breath them. Be kind to them and watch them evaporate. And one day you will understand fire. The fire of your heart.

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