The new website

Hello and a very warm welcome to the Emahó Speaks website!

This website brings together the resources of two previous separate websites providing access to Emahó’s teachings and his workshops. Emahó Speaks is the first step towards a fuller online offering which will be launched in early 2019.

Over the next few months, we will be building a more developed website which will offer different and new features for online users.

Currently, the Emahó Speaks website is designed primarily for those who may have some previous knowledge of the work of Emahó or come to it through previous knowledge.  The next iteration of the Emahó Speaks website will open out the resources of his teachings, books, texts and videos also providing opportunities for interactive live streaming sessions.

Emahó’s teachings, words, photographs are an invaluable resource to those who have been attending workshops for many years but they also offer an opening door to those less familiar with exploration. Spanning over 25 years these teachings have changed in response to the land and people with whom Emahó has been working, but also with the longer terms aims that these teachings embody.  It is our aim to make these important early years teachings available online to offer support to people new to his work and will come online in early 2019.

All of these activities and developments are in response to changes in the way Emahó will be touring and engaging with people. These are an additional resource not intended to be a replacement for the unique and very personal relationships that Emahó has with individuals and groups across Europe and the USA.

Naturally, we value these teachings as they offer an incredible opportunity to people looking for online resources that speak to their hearts and minds in a way not easily described but best experienced.

The legacy of these teachings is fantastically important for the future and this website and its development offers the first steps towards an accessible online resource for everyone who wishes to see life differently through Emahó’s teachings.

Welcome to the adventure!