The most sacred prayer
is not coming from a book,
it’s not coming from
somebody else’s mouth,
it’s coming from your own heart.

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Emahó teaches about the phenomenon that is Life.

Working in Europe since 1990 he has been teaching how to find a better perspective of life, to see life through ‘Life’s Eyes’ rather than through the eyes of the personality.



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Emahó’s inspiring and beautiful teachings can take the form of lectures, one-to-one sessions, ceremonies, silence and prayer.

Some of these teachings have been transcribed into books such as “The Winds of your Heart” and “108 Seeds of Fire”.




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Upcoming Seminars

Emahó tours throughout Europe and USA giving teachings in many different places.

It is within the nature of the nomadic shaman that these teachings are affected by the place and environment in which they are given, find more about upcoming seminars.



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Over the last 25 years, Emahó has given over a thousand talks transporting the listener to their own very personal space.

Subscribers to the site can access his talks from 2003 to the present day.

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