Born in New Mexico amid the immediate aftermath of World War II, in 1947, Emahó lived a typical yet uncommon childhood. A backbencher at school because of short-sightedness, he chose fun, play and laughter instead. His life took a sudden turn at 21 with an other-worldly vision. Subsequently, he endured Addison’s disease, diabetes, Grand mal seizures, and near blindness; illnesses rare for a young person. He persisted, living two worlds in one when along with conventional concerns, bizarre events of unknown dimensions engulfed his nights and days.

In Montana, at 28, Emahó became a pioneering practitioner of Biofeedback therapy treating patients from all over America, till more uncanny events pushed him to move. In 1984, Santa Cruz, California, he met Lama Tharchin Rinpoche. Within the next three years, Emahó realised Dzogchen, something unheard of in such a short span of time. For the following seven years Emahó traversed unfamiliar territory in a conscious dream state, learning and absorbing knowledge of a different magnitude. Simultaneously, he helped people from all walks of life and in May 1986, an archbishop officially ordained him as ‘Bishop’ in the American Apostolic Catholic Church.

Constantly confronted with the unusual nature of his life, Emahó simply walked. Yet, chance meetings with Swamis, Sikh teachers from India, and Tibetan master Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche, touched him profoundly. An Aboriginal Elder, Millie Boyd (custodian of the sacred Mount Wollumbin Caldera in Australia) showed Emahó, ‘what is beneath his feet.’ In the Himalayan Mountains, he collided with Grand master Lama Ra-do Rinpoche and in 1987, Emahó tracked down Ayah, an eminent mystic and healer in Malaysia. He also encountered Jiddu Krishnamurti, sages and other mystics in the subtle worlds. Emahó says, ‘Each one of them injected me with gifts of another kind.’

They collectively reassured him, yet Emahó hit ‘a concrete basement within,’ unable to penetrate further, eventually surrendering to his state. But a flyer through the mailbox led him to the French Alps where he discovered a living legend – Lama Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. With his impish smile and penetrating gaze, the Vajrayana master shattered the walls that subtly withheld Emahó’s being.

Or… was it more than meets the eye?

For the past thirty years Emahó has travelled back and forth, seven months a year, touring major European cities such as Paris, London, Zurich, Berlin and Glasgow, among others. ‘Emahó Speaks’ seminars are designed to explore alternative directions and distinct possibilities within the conditioned framework of a busy citizen.

Emahó leads talksdiscussions, private one-to-one sessions and, most importantly, imparts unique offerings rarely heard of in this world. His invocations culminate in an incomparable coming together of the elements, space, sound, movements, and the frequencies of a twilight.

Emahó teaches the common sense of walking the day with more respect and courage, inspiring people to live as spirited human beings.

He gazes at you long enough before saying, ‘Life loves life and YOU are life.’


We invite you to Learn from the teachings of Emahó, the Wanderer.