Emahó says …

The trick is to nourish the energy within yourself so you can generate your own fuel.



Let’s say I build a gas station. I paint it with bright colours, put up neon signs, and I sell premium quality fuel. Then I sit back and wait for customers like you to come. I’m just the filling station attendant.

‘Hey Emahó, I want to get some fuel.’ You say.

‘Sure, I’m going to put forty litres in your car.’

‘No! I’m supposed to tell you how much I want. Give me twenty, Emahó.’ You say.

‘Okay. Can I wash all your windows?’ I ask.

‘No, not today! Just wash the passenger side.’

‘And should I also wipe your windscreen?’

‘No! Not now Emahó.’ You say, rolling up three quarters of your window.

‘Okay, that’s the fuel in. Now, how would you feel if I tell you where to go? You have to turn right on highway 66, and then turn left and then drive south for 60 miles….’

Well, you would not like that at all. No one likes to be told what to do. Yet, most people like a teacher to do just that. They want the teacher to clean their fuzzy glass screens, tell them how much fuel to put in their cars and tell them exactly where to go.

But then, for a moment, let’s consider reality and ask a question.

– Who was born for you?

This is something most people know as a concept in the brain and mind, but don’t always realise the truth in it. If you were to fully realise this simple, ordinary fact, it would change your life. It would have a tremendous impact on your thoughts and actions throughout the day. It would penetrate every moment of your life.

My aim as the filling station attendant is to teach you a sense of autonomy where ‘You decide where to go and what to do with your life.’ My job is to be your springboard, to echo your dreams in directions that reflect to you. It’s to help you get where you want to be. So you can think independently, not as a group, a family, or a society. It takes immense courage to own responsibility for your birth, your mind, your car, your dreams and your life.

Breaking the code of life is individual. No one can teach you that, for you may understand it only through your own framework; your attitude, your anger, your honesty and your fears. My job is to show you this and to connect you with life itself. You may go wherever you want, with my premium fuel. Come back to refuel, and that’s alright but don’t stay at the filling station.

So, yes seek those who have more wisdom, a better understanding, and an astronaut’s perspective.

But then return within,

know yourself,

know yourself well,

You are the best teacher of yourself.

So don’t run from yourself,

know your feet and know where your hands lie,

Because your life

is in the palms of your own hands.

~ Emahó



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The trick is to nourish the energy within yourself so you can generate your own fuel.

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