Emahó – his teachings and the Invocations


Know what you know and know that very well,
know what you do not know,
and know that very well.






Emahó has devoted a major part of his life interacting closely with a diverse group of people; The Scots, The Irish, North Americans, Germans, The Swiss, French, Tibetan and Indian. He often says, ‘I have learned far more from you than you will ever have learned from me.’ His discourses are personal, often poetic, and mostly woven from stories accumulated through his many vivid encounters and travels.

 Emahó’s ability to shift one’s focus to his piercing eyes, penetrating voice and discerning words often leaves an intelligible mark in the mind, heart and soul of the listener. He does not offer techniques, steps to follow, promises or rewards. He does not replace deep-rooted patterns or older philosophies with new ones. He appears just as a mirror does, echoing who and where you are. This challenges one’s ideas, assumptions, dreams and expectations – the stuff of our conditioned minds. And then it takes courage and a brutal honesty to cut through the complacency of our everyday lives to perhaps enter the threshold to reverence and integrity.

 Thus, in his favourite role as the filling station attendant, Emahó extends his hand to those who wish to walk a different trail. For earning the ability to see through Life’s Eyes, he says –

‘Seek simply because you have realised the goodness of life, not because you are fearful, desperate, lonely or hungry, the point at which most of us start searching.’

For the last four decades, Emahó has accessed unique invocations from foreign dimensions, something rarely heard of in this world. On such occasions, he demonstrates an unrestrained, refined, and reverent quality towards recognizing a moment fully. He extends a humbling invitation to all present, offering an integration of the senses, intellect, mind, and the individual self towards the profundity of a collective divinity. These precious invocations culminate in an incomparable coming together of the elements, space, sound, movements, and the higher frequencies of a twilight. The evening leaves a distinct mark on each one, nudging the self to surf another day with renewed awareness –to look further, listen deeper, touch gentler, speak softer and perhaps walk lighter.





When I sit, I sit.

when I touch, I touch.

when I laugh, I laugh

when I look, I look

when I listen, I listen

when I cry, I cry

and when I bow,

I bow to a rose, to a thorn, to a seed,

to you,

to life, to us, and to

the divinity that lies within me,

within you and within us.




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