A Shooting Star

Who are you?
From afar,
no doubt,
you were a shooting star,
to be conceived on this planet.
Who are you?
No doubt you were a shooting star,
coming to this planet to be conceived.
And a shooting star,
you will leave.
And to be all the colours of a rainbow,
you will find yourself to be,
for that is what put you together.
Life loves life and you are life.
And there’s nothing you can do about that.
Love the world,
love this planet that is taking you,
and you do not know where,
but we are held in the hand of Life.

You know your mind to some degree.
You know how to drive cars, maybe.
You know how to write and read books.
But do you know your heart?

For the heart is the struggles, the sweat,
the tears of joy and laughter.
Your heart is the wind,
the moonlight,
even the bottoms of your feet.
Your heart is the struggles,
even the confusions and doubts that we have.
For all of this is, what makes us
a little bit brighter,
on a planet.
You are brighter than the streetlights.
You are brighter
than any incandescent light ever made.
But it lies,
deep inside of you.

Deep inside of you.

TEUFEN Oct. 5, 2013