My Guru

The only guru I have,
is life itself.
My guru,
are my mistakes,
my doubts, my fear.
My guru,
is when I trip.
My guru,
are when my words cannot be spoken.
My guru,
are the whispers of my lungs.
My guru,
are the footsteps that I have left.
My guru,
is the ageless age,
from the time I was conceived.
My guru,
are the winds above my head.
My guru,
is the love,
when it is there.
My guru,
is the darkness
that roams throughout my mind.
But the darkness,
so beautiful it is.
My guru,
are my doubts.
My guru,
are the things that I know
and do not know.
My guru is life itself.

You are born into this universe,
through the element of fire,
that is your father.
And the mother,
is where your feet rest
and walks and runs and jumps.
The night sky is not intellectual,
nor is nature.
And you are of nature,
you’re walking nature.
Don’t try to outwit it or be smarter,
than nature itself.

Know your bones.

Your guru has always been with you,
even when the tears are strong.
No matter
how enraged you may be,
no matter how beautiful you are,
your guru can never stop,
loving you.

BASEL Sept. 20, 2013