The most Beautiful Life

Sometimes we wonder
who’s life
is really blessed the most.
And sometimes we wonder if we could be in their shoes. Sometimes we dream about
a mountain,
a movie star, a snowflake,
a beautiful forest, a beautiful snowfall.
And sometimes we wish
we could be that.

The most beautiful life that there is,
is yours.
No one is better, no one’s is worse.
And the most blessed life is yours,
and the person next to you,
the person behind you.
We just have been taught
to look outside our own eyes.
We have been taught that we are bad, dumb,
do stupid things,
we’re not the first,
we’re not the movie star,
we’re not the fortunate.

All those labels belong to the economy,
to keep it going.
You are not the economy.
You’re not a number,
you’re not even an address.

You have a fire deep inside your heart,
a little tiny fire
like the suns above.
So, so many suns above our head.
But how we easily forget
to look up.

Life itself,
not just the moon, not just the earth,
not just all the suns
and even the black space of outer space,
it’s a phenomenon.
It’s a miracle actually.
And it never ceases, it never stops.
And we are on,
we are in,
we are of,

We just get lost with all our behaviours,
that’s all we do.
We pay so much attention to our behaviours.

But we forget the glue,
the glue that holds the atoms together,
the glue that holds
the planets and the suns
and even the galaxies together.
And that glue is love.
A love that a human being cannot comprehend.
You have to go,
you have to dive,
deep, deep inside of you.

Knock on the door,
of your heart.
You are as connected
to what is above as to what is below.
This is what the Buddha was always trying to say.

FREIBURG Sept. 24, 2009