This Whole Lifetime is a Birthday

Some birthdays are so, so, so beautiful.
And some birthdays are so lonely.
And some birthdays we forget.
And some birthdays we pass away.
And on some birthdays we find another way
to walk, our life.

But I tell you this whole lifetime
is a birthday.
No matter how difficult it may be,
this whole lifetime is really a birthday from life.
It is we that mark off the calendar,
that it’s only a birthday.
It is we that mark it off
and can make our life, so, so, so difficult.
But if you just really think about it,
no matter how unhappy,
no matter how wonderful,
it is really a gift
to have this life of ours.
What a beautiful birthday present that is.

And to touch this life of yours,
get to know the beating heart inside your chest.
And maybe, maybe one day
you’ll understand the fire
that can be so, so affectionate,
with all people.
It is just not the hands that are warm,
holding us
and consoling us.
It is the atmosphere
that always wraps itself around us.
And sometimes we try to escape
and we go down, deep, deep down into the earth.
But still, the stones and the darkness,
they have us still, there is no escape.
And even if you go hiding in your dreams,
you will find eventually,
even the light of dreams is caressing you.
It is a birthday gift too.

Why do we run from ourselves?
Why do we run from these mysteries,
that are so, so difficult.
And why do we run from the fire,
when someone loves us so, so much.

You are not your mind.
You are not your clever thoughts.

We’re people that easily bleed,
easily get offended and hurt and disappointed.
We’re people that love the little things in life.
Not the big things.

TEUFEN April 2007