War in your Head

One of the best things that you can do for yourself,
is    to    stop    the war
with yourself.
To stop the war
inside your own head.

This world is rough.
It is a rough world.
But it’s not the planet,
it’s society that can be rough.
And yet, society is so, so beautiful too.
It’s so, so beautiful.
And it’s so wonderful.
But we can teach our eyes only to see what is terrible.
And that’s all we will see.
We can teach our eyes to see the horrible and the cruelties,
and that’s all we will see.
And you will find yourself gravitating
to cruelty and great difficulties, naturally.
Because that is what you want to see.
And yet we can also learn to see what is beautiful.
And to use your eyes to see both,
to really see what other human beings go through.
And to also see that other human beings have
such beautiful, beautiful lives.
And that you can recognise both sides of the fence.

The wars on this planet,
they won’t stop for tens of thousands of years.
And the only reason for that
is because humanity is very, very young.
We’re a young species.

We find ourselves 40, 50, 60, 70 years of age
and we wage war on other people.
We send bombs to bomb children and mothers.
And look at us,
we’re suppose to be adults.
We’re suppose to be smarter than that.
And even kinder.

When the adults are truly adults,
the wars will stop.
There are no adults on this planet,
there’s very few.
Less than 1% are really, really adults.
And the rest are still kids, growing up in grown-up bodies.
It’s just that too many kids in grown-up bodies,

know that it’s war,
that literally keeps the economy going
and makes people a great deal of money.
And keeps people under fear.

All the wars could really stop,
if we just grow up.

If another human being
cares enough to stop the war
inside your own head,
that human being
will affect hundreds and hundreds
of other human beings.
But the price
is heavy to pay.
Very, very heavy to pay.
You have to stop dreaming,
and you have to put down your weapons.
Your very clever weapons.

BREMEN May 2008