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I am …
I am my feet
I am my back
I am my toes
I am my belly
I am my shoulders
I am my elbows
I am my ears
I am my nose
I am my chest

I am my spine
I am my footsteps
I am…


At the plaza in Santa Fe with Anna for the last time
The last birthday dinner
The last hand prints
The last home project
The last journey to Europe


I love pictures …
Pictures speak to me.
Pictures speak
far more than words.
Pictures give me a better understanding
of the world around me,
of people.
The pictures we create
of others
of ourselves.
I love pictures
Good pictures…
They speak of you
they speak of me.




Helping Jörg in the Farm Barn -
Emahó loved it so much
The last visit to Glasgow -
this is where it all began...
Last meeting with Glaswegians
The last goodbyes
The last goodbyes





Keep your mind quiet
And let the ceremony dig, dig, dig
deeper and deeper into your bones,
And you will understand
A ceremony…
for you were conceived in a ceremony,
your birth is a ceremony
your whole life is a ceremony
You are the ceremony.






Going to the last seminar
At the last seminar
Before the last speech
The last mesa

I understand the journey.
It is the moment.
There it is, and then it disappears.
If you want, if you wish …
you can look to see your moments,
Pay attention to them.
Watch that one moment
Pay attention to it.
Most of us don’t.
We don’t look to see
what we do in that moment.
We follow feelings, our thinking, and such.
A moment flows.
It flows
and it disappears.




The last journey in Varanasi
The last night
The Ceremony at dawn
The Aarti for the sacred river
The last Twilight
The last boat journey
The last Sunrise
The last goodbyes
The final journey - the Ashes