About Emaho

Emahó is an American Indian who was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He lives with his family in New Mexico giving seminars in Europe and the USA.

He has helped many people bring more respect and kindness into their lives – more love, care and understanding into everything they do.

He teaches the common sense of living with honesty, compassion and a sense of responsibility.

This challenges our assumptions, dreams and expectations – the stuff of our conditioning. It takes courage and compassion to cut through the complacency of our everyday lives – but it is worth it.

Most of us operate from hurt and disappointment, though we might not know it. To reach the ability to see through ‘Life’s Eyes’ Emahó suggests you seek simply because you have realised the goodness of life, not because you are desperate, lonely or hungry, the point at which most of us start searching.

Rather than being spiritual it is to be a spirited human being in nature – to begin to wake up in your life and fight to be more alive in it.


Point of view

Since the dawn of time,  our bodies have been at war  with foreign bacteria and viruses.

Since the dawn of knowingness,  our minds have been at war with uneasy questions.

Since the dawn of wants, we’ve been at war with ignorance, which has not had the time or knowingness to realize that we have finally ended up at war only with ourselves – called death

So I ask you what is it that you always wanted to hold in the palm of your hand since your birth?

Wood?  Metal?  Or another hand ?