The Winds of Your Heart


To have a personal relationship with life, to wake up within the heart, and to draw in grace, one doesn’t have to belong to a particular religion or follow a spiritual path of any kind. One simply has to get connect – with one’s life, with one’s own heart – and there are many ways to do this, as Emahó explains by means of stories and ideas that are intriguing, though-provoking and sometimes surprising. Also include are Emahó’s reflections on prayer, the living sacraments, finding someone to love, hurt and disappointment, forgiveness and becoming a skilful “sailor” in life, with a good compass and map, to help you catch the winds that will carry you to a better future.

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108 Seeds of Fire


The words in this book were spoken by the fire dancer Emahó immediately after his fire dance ceremonies in Europe. They represent a concentrated distillation of the much longer teachings that he gives in the seminars.

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