Alone unto Yourself

No other human being,
can know who you are.
Who you are inside.
Not your lover,
your mother, your grandmother.
Nor your father, nor your uncles,
nor your best friend,
can know really who you are.
No boyfriend, no girlfriend,
no wife, no husband.
All that anybody can do,
is really only get glimpses,
little glimpses,
of you and your behaviour.

You are all alone,
unto yourself,
on this planet.
You are all alone,
unto yourself,
on this planet.

It is only
the creator,
the architect,
the boatman.
That is between you
and the architect,
or the boatman,
whoever created you,
knows you.
You are a walking secret.
Let people be.
Let others be.
And know your heart.

Your mind will always be like the winds,
the North, the South, the East and the West.
It will be storms and quiet.

But your heart,
you can have your heart
in your right hand and in your left hand.
And at times you will find your heart in your eyes.
And at times you will know your heart is in your feet,
as your are walking.

Know yourself.
For you are all alone on this planet.

TEUFEN Sept. 16, 2012